Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Break

Yea!! It's finally here. Christmas break is wonderful. I love having two weeks off of school and getting to spend time with my wonderful family. We have had so many crazy things the last two months happen and I feel like my life was just on overload. It is so nice to feel like I finally have some time to recover and relax. I just love this season and the love that my friends and family give me. Thanks everyone for all your love and support to Jeff and I this last month. It really helped us cope with everything. We love you!!! Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Parent Teacher Conferences

This week is parent teacher conferences. This is the one time of the year that I get to know what it feels like to work for more than 12 hours a day. I always worry so much about them, yet they always go really well. It is actually really nice to meet all the parents and celebrate the wonderful things their children are doing. The problem is I look and feel like this when they are all over:

Now I have much more respect for Jeff for doing both work and school every day!!! He is AMAZING!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

My two husbands

Jeff and I had a busy Saturday this last weekend. It all started with Jeff finally getting a hair cut (it has been almost six months). This is what brought up the title of my blog. Every time Jeff gets a hair cut I swear I have married a whole new man. He looks so different. I really like his hair both ways but sometimes when he lets it grow too long it starts looking kind of shaggy. Well you see for yourself and tell me I didn't marry two men.
Long Hair Jeff
Short Hair Jeff

Well this wasn't all we did of course. Jeff ended up replacing brake pads for two different cars Saturday and then we headed up the canyon to see the leaves and go out to dinner in Logan. We were so excited to go eat at the Bluebird because Jeff got ribs last time we were there and they were to die for. We got up to Logan this time and they didn't have ribs. He had to settle for a steak which wasn't very good. My dinner wasn't too hot either. Hopefully this is just a one time bad deal at the restaurant, because I don't know if Jeff and I will want to go again if that is the quality of food they always have. Good thing we had one last thing to do that night, see the temple. I spent a year up there in Logan for school and my favorite thing by far was to look at the temple at night. Jeff and I have made that a tradition each year and I still love it. It is just so beautiful.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Awesome Air Races

The day finally came. Jeff and I packed our bags on Friday and headed out to the Air Races in Reno. The drive there was super long, and for just a 3 day vacation, the drive seemed almost too much. But we did make it along with a few bugs we picked up along the way. Well I guess there weren't just a few bugs, it seemed more like outside of Winnemucca we picked up every bug alive. We got to the hotel late Friday night and pretty much went right to bed. The next morning though, we got up early and headed to the show. It was so cool. There were stunt planes doing tricks, races by airplanes, and our favorite Blue Angels flying. I never thought that planes could race each other but that was a really neat sight to see. They all take off and make a huge loop around the sky so that they are all lined up then the take off and fly around a track 5 times. They get going really fast and it is neat to see some of the photo finishes they do. We also saw a lady who did stunts in her plane. She did this amazing thing where she flew upside down only 20 feet off the ground and cut a streamer that two men were holding in half. I couldn't believe it. She also spun her plane around in about 30 circles right in a row. She is crazy, but awesome. The culmination of it all was the Blue Angels flying. I don't think I could ever get bored of seeing these planes. They are so neat flying in their formations and getting so close to one another. It was wonderful and Jeff and I are already planning our next year's trip.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Back to Busy

I haven't updated my blog in a long time because Jeff and I haven't had much time to do fun things. We both went back to school a few weeks ago. He is now attending University of Utah, and spends most of his time either at school, in a lab, at work, or doing homework. I feel so bad for him, but hopefully we will be done soon. I have gone back to school teaching, and it has felt like I have had so much to do every night. I think September is the most busy month of the entire year. We finally had Labor Day weekend, but we still didn't do much together because Jeff went backpacking with his family and I spent the weekend with my sister. I guess our lives are pretty boring right now. Hopefully I will have something more exciting to post after next weekend. It is Jeff's birthday and we are headed down to Reno to go the Air Races and see the Blue Angels. I am sure that will be the highlight of our month! Yea!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Baseball and Sisters

August has been a very busy but very fun month. Jeff and I have enjoyed spending some quality time with my parents and sister. We have been shopping, having dinners, slumber parties, and of course some good old fashioned Baseball games. Dad bought us all tickets to go to the Bee's game last week, and Mom got us tickets to the Raptors Game on Tuesday. Jeff and I love going to these games with the family. It is always nice to sit at the ball park, have our ballpark pretzel and hot dog and just enjoy the game. Thanks DAD and MOM for the fun time.

I also wanted to add that I am really glad that it is back to school time. Not only because I love going back, but also because I am hoping that Brittany will be able to get back into school and stop hurting herself. She has spent the last few weeks down with Kidney Stones. They were actually bad enough that she had to have surgery on them last week. I am glad she is better now, and I hope it stays that way. I love ya sis.

Monday, August 3, 2009

August Camping Trips

Jeff and I had a fun night on Friday going camping. We have tried to have a lot of traditions between us but most have just fallen by the wayside or we just got too busy to do it again this year. Luckily we still were able to continue our oldest tradition of going camping overnight each year one weekend in August. It all started when I first met Jeff. My friends and I were going camping the very next weekend after I met him and we invited Jeff and his friends to come along. It ended up that all of Jeff's friends bailed on him except Klint, and I didn't think that he was really going to show up, plus I had decided that he liked my best friend at the time and that I didn't really have a shot with him anyway. Well he surprised me and still came along. That was probably the first time we really let on that we liked each other. We spent the whole night sitting by the fire or in my car talking. I think we got about 1 hour of sleep that whole night. Well ever since then we have been inseparable. It was a great camping experience. So Jeff and I have done it every year since. The first year we had no trouble finding a place to camp. Last year we were a little late heading out and we tried to go camping over Labor Day. That was not a good idea. We drove up the canyon quite awhile but every camp site was full, so we finally turned around and camped out in our back yard. It was fun for me, but we live by the freeway and it was really hard for Jeff and I to sleep. Needless to say we weren't about to do that again. This year we thought that if we went at the beginning of August we would have more luck. We headed out Friday at about 5:00 and thought that we were giving ourselves plenty of time. We got down the canyon and realized that we were seeing a repeat of last year and that all the campgrounds were full. We didn't want to give up on our oldest tradition so we ended up driving all the way up to Monte Cristo (which by the way was where our first camping trip was). We saw some hope when they didn't have a campground full sign. We drove on in and found only 2 plots left. Boy were we lucky. After that things were just great. We talked by the fire and Jeff played with some matches(he used the whole box making towers and such). Then went to bed, got up the next morning and headed home. We don't do anything special, but I sure enjoy the time we have just sitting and talking by the fire. It really gives us a chance to feel closer to one another. I hope we can continue this tradition forever and eventually with our own family.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Birthday and the Best Husband

Well I have made it to 26 years old. It seems really old to me but maybe that is because my cute adorable husband keeps reminding me that he is only 24 right now. I had a wonderful day. We went up to Bountiful on the 23rd to see the parade so that we wouldn't have to get up early on the 24th. It was nice except something happened that postponed it for about 20 minutes. Well we weren't going to sweat to death waiting so we left. We went over to Jeff's friends house for fireworks which were awesome and headed home. On the 24th we were able to celebrate my birthday with my family. It was a great day filled with delicious food from the Gray Cliff Lodge. Neither Jeff nor I have ever been there, but it was one to remember. They fill you pretty full. We then went back to our house and did our own fireworks and ate Chocolate Pie. It was a very nice day with my family.

I also want to mention how wonderful my husband is. He is definitely one of a kind. I think it must be from growing up with 5 sisters. He didn't want any help getting my birthday presents this year. He did it all on his own and he did such a good job. He paid attention to hints I gave over the last few months and showered me with everything I love. I am amazed at his ability to get the perfect gifts every holiday. He always outdoes himself and surprises me with things I actually love. Now I dated many guys that didn't have a clue about gifts for girls so I am pretty excited that I have a husband that does such a great job. Thanks Jeff!!! I love you!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Washington D.C.

So my plan was that I would update my blog regularly during Jeff and my trip to D.C. this last couple of weeks, but unfortunately time just got away from us and all we had time to do was walk around all day and crash when we made it back home. The few days we did get home early were completely taken up by our really cute nieces (which was fine by us). So instead I will show some of the pictures we took along the way.Here we are the first day walking and walking and walking to see all the memorials we could. We were excited to start and we saw everything we could. That day alone w e started with a tour of the White House and then went and saw the Washington Monument, the WWII memorial, Korean War Memorial, Vietnam War Memorial, the Lincoln Monument, The Old Post office, and Rob's work.Day two included a long walk to go see the Jefferson Monument and other sights along that area of town. We also got a chance to go through many of the Smithsonian museums that day.
Finally on day three we got to relax a little since it was the 4th of July. Here are some pictures of us at the US Capital, where we went to see the fireworks. And of course a picture of our sweet new niece Jocelyn. (What a cutie!!!)The next week started out with my favorite part of the trip, a walk around Arlington Cemetery. Here is a picture of the Unknown Solder and the Solder that guards his tomb. That was a neat thing to see. We also drove out to Mt. Vernon and took a tour of Washington's house, and a short stop to look at the Washington D.C. temple.For the next two days we traveled up to New York on a bus and spent our anniversary up there. We were able to go see my favorite thing about New York - Wicked, and something Jeff really wanted to see- The Statue of Liberty. They were a very packed two days as we tried to fit in everything we could along with a 5 hour bus trip and then another 2 hours on the Metro. Thursday we returned back to D.C. to see the Capital building, Supreme Court, Library of Congress, Holocaust Memorial, and then to stay late to see the monuments at night. This day started off wonderful since all the first buildings were all right around each other. By mid-day though that wasn't the case and after that day was over we had walked about 16 miles. Boy were we tired. Here is a picture of Jeff at the Capital, me at the Library of Congress, and the monuments at night.Friday we took a trip with Meredith and the girls out to Monticello to see Thomas Jefferson's house. This had to be my favorite tour because the tour guide was so knowledgeable. It was a fun day to spend with the girls. The last day in Washington was probably Jeff's favorite. We went and looked around the National Air and Space Museum (here is a picture of the Wright brothers plane) and then hung around to eat at Fogo De Chao - a Brazilian Restaurant. After that day we just packed up and on Monday we went out to Baltimore with the kids to an Aquarium then out to eat and back on the plane to come home. What an awesome trip we took.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Off to Washington We Go

It is finally here. On Wednesday Jeff and I leave for Washington D.C. to visit Jeff's sister and her family and to see all that Washington has to offer. I have never been back there and Jeff hasn't been since he was a little boy so we are really excited. It took us two years to save enough money for this trip and now we are only a day and a half away. It still doesn't seem real though since we bought our tickets about 5 months ago and didn't really plan what we were wanting to do until just a week or so ago. I couldn't ever get Jeff to sit down and plan anything out before then. But now we have a pretty good idea of what we are going to do and what we are going to see and I can now get excited about it. I can't wait to leave. We are also going up to New York for our anniversary and I convinced Jeff to take me to Wicked (my new favorite Musical). I love my husband. He is so sweet and wonderful for taking me on this trip. I am also excited to see my beautiful nieces. Jeff's sister has four of the cutest girls in the world and we can't wait to play with them. This is definitely our trip of a lifetime.

Monday, June 8, 2009

End of School and Airshow

YEA!!!! School is over for another year. I actually have some mixed emotions this year because I had a wonderful group of kids. Two years ago I really struggled with my students, and actually thought to myself a few times that maybe I shouldn't be a teacher anymore, but this year redeemed all that. My students were great! They listened and worked really hard, and after I saw their End of Level Scores I felt like I really am where I need to be. It was pretty rewarding, and so to know that this year is over and I get to start all over again was pretty sad. I guess though it is a new adventure each year and I should be excited for that. Well after having a pretty stressful last month of school, Jeff and I were able to go have some fun this weekend. We started out Friday going to a car show in Ogden. Jeff loved it, and I thought that nothing would top that experience for him. I was wrong. Saturday afternoon we headed up to the Airshow at Hill Air Force Base. Jeff left that night after watching the Thunderbirds saying that there is nothing in the world he has ever seen that was cooler than seeing those planes. I probably have to agree. They were really neat. Jeff has even started looking up their schedule to see if they will do another show anywhere close to Utah. We found a show at Reno over Jeff's birthday so we may be planning a fun vacation to Reno in a few months!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Graduation

Well, we have finally reached a Milestone. Jeff has 4 more days of school and he will be a Salt Lake Community Graduate. He has worked really hard in his program and finished all he can do now at SLCC. He has to now go on to the University of Utah. It is great that he is almost finished, but at the same time it is sad that we will be spending so much more for school than in the past, and it is further drive for him. But we do what we have to do. I am so proud of all the work he has put in to his education, and being a wonderful husband as well. I hope he knows that I am so proud and so excited for him to be graduating and getting his Associates Degree. Just a few more years to go!!!! Congrats hun!

Monday, April 6, 2009


I can't believe I finally made it to this week. I know that kids just love having time off of school and I have to admit as much as I love teaching, I get really excited for spring break as well. Now I just have to figure out what to do with my time. Today I spent the whole time paying bills and getting my car registered. That isn't really the most fun way to spend my break, but I guess I have to get it done so I might as well do it now. Tomorrow Jeff and I get to play though, so that will be fun. It is funny because when we first were dating we thought that when we got married we would have so much time to spend with each other, but in reality we spend less because of our work and school schedules. We have to just enjoy the few days off we get to spend with each other. So we will try to find something fun for tomorrow. The rest of the week is just relaxing for me. That is fun, but feels like a waste. Hopefully I can find something exciting so that I can feel like I spent my Spring Break in a good way!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009


It seems like babies are all around us lately. Jeff has had two sisters who have recently just had babies and we have some friends that are trying to have children right now as well. It has been interesting to us because we are not ready to start trying to have children quite yet, but with all the things surrounding us it sure does make us think. I was actually thinking about the parents we will be in the future and if our children will be like us in any ways. I know that Jeff and I have many differences, especially with how we view school and how we viewed school as children. I think though from our recent expenses that our children will be a nutty, fun combination of both of us. For instance I think that whenever I think about my own childhood I think back to school. I loved school and everything that surrounded it. I would go home from school and teach my sister all I learned. I am sure she hated me for it, but she at least put up with me all those years. From that love I have become a school teacher, and now spend far too much money on reading centers and activities to help my students love school as much as I do. Jeff jokes that our kids won't know how to play normal games because they will have too many learning games to play. Jeff on the other hand was the type of child that took things apart and built them back again. I therefore see a whole bunch of little engineers running around our house taking everything apart and probably driving me nuts doing it. At least they will have a dad that can help them put them back together again. I see that in Jeff every time he buys a new K'nex roller coaster and creates new and different ways to use and build them. He is so creative. So when we finally do get around to having kids they will probably have a little bit of a love for school and a little bit of a love to build and that is fine with me!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Dinner and Jazz for $10

Jeff and I had the best date on Saturday night and it only cost us $10. Jeff surprised me this weekend by winning tickets to the Jazz game on Saturday night. He is so lucky. I swear he wins things all the time. He just has some type of gift for winning free tickets. Anyway he won tickets so we headed down to Salt Lake early afternoon. Took a trip down to Lakeshore (my favorite teacher store where I spend way too much money), and then went out to dinner. We had a giftcard from Christmas to Macaroni Grill so all we ended up paying there was our tip. Then we went off to the game. The tickets were pretty good seats and the game was really fun. Then at the end of it all we went home and went to bed. All in all it could have cost us about $150 yet it only cost us $10 total. I love dates like that. Especially when you're married and you have no money.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dinner and Some Chocolates

Jeff is the best husband ever I have decided. He always remembers the sweet things in life and makes sure I feel extra special. He may sometimes try to trick me into thinking he isn't going to do something romantic or sweet, or that he couldn't get what I wanted, but in the end he always comes out with the sweetest things. For Valentine's this year I was feeling pretty sick. I started with a cough on Friday and it just got worse from there. I ended up actually spending the whole weekend in bed. That didn't stop Jeff from being super sweet though. On Friday he surprised me with my absolute favorite treat Chocolate strawberries. He said that the store was sold out but he brought me some anyway. Then on Saturday he took me out to a nice lunch at Texas Roadhouse. It was so good. He then took me home and just held me and rubbed my back as I laid down sick all night. I really owe him big for taking such good care of me. He is really full of love. He must have learned it from all his sisters!!! Thanks hun! I love you.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Our fun little life

So I wanted to post some pictures of what Jeff and I seem to spend our free time on. Jeff of course is going to school to be an engineer and loves building things. Because of this he has been obsessed with the whole K'nex roller coasters ever since Christmas. Since Valentines was coming soon I let him buy another one for our living room. Here is what our living room now looks like. I am pretty sure it would be much worse, but I think the only thing that is holding him back is that we are running out of room in our living room to hold that many coasters.

On the other hand here is what seems to be my new obsession. I have had a student teacher in my classroom for the last 6 weeks and that gives me quite a bit of extra time to get things ready for future weeks in my teaching. Therefore I have been planning center activities for my kids. That means I have spent most of my time in the faculty room laminating different activities. That also means that I have spent most of my free time at night cutting lamination. Oh what a fun family we are: Jeff playing with roller coasters, and me on the couch cutting. Marriage is so fun!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Fun and exciting weekend

Jeff and I had quite the weekend full of fun. It started kind of before the weekend began but who's counting. Thursday night we went to a Josh Turner concert. Jeff is super lucky and always seems to be able to win tickets to places off the radio. He called in a few weeks ago even though he had no idea what he would win and won these tickets. He didn't even know who Josh Turner was. Well I was super excited because I love his music. It was really fun. It was at a bar and there were a lot of drunk people all crowded around us, but we still had such a great time. I included some pictures from the concert. Then this weekend Jeff and I were lucky enough to be able to attend the baptism of one of my students. I love the experience of seeing such a sweet innocent little girl take such an important step in her life. She was so cute and I was very happy we were able to attend. The gospel is so true and I can see it in everyone of my sweet little students. I love them all.