Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Great Couponing Trip

My mother-in-law and sister-in-law are wonderful couponers. They are always getting amazing deals at different stores on all their items. I have tried to get into it a little, but usually end up not getting as good of deals as I thought at first. Well every once in a while I have a shopping trip that I am really proud of. Today was that day. I bought all these items for an amazing deal at Smiths. I ended up buying 5 Old Spice Body Washes, 5 Old Spice Deodorants, 2 Olay Body washes, 7 Cover Girl eye shadows, 1 12 pack of Charmin Bath Tissue, 3 Dawn Dish soaps, 1 Large Tide, 5 Herbal Essences Shampoos, 5 Herbal Essences Hair Care products, 2 Head and Shoulders Shampoos, 5 boxes of Crest Toothpaste, 1 large pack of Tampax Tampons, 1 Cover Girl Powder, and 2 Cover Girl Mascaras and only spent $40.03 for all 45 items. With just the sale prices and no coupons I would have spent $155.48, but I had enough coupons to save $115.45 which is a 74% savings on this deal. I couldn't believe it!! The best part of it all is that usually when I get deals with coupons I get a lot of things that Jeff and I don't usually use, but this time I only got things we use everyday. I was so happy about it that I called Jeff and he didn't seem so impressed so I thought I better blog about it. Yea!!!

First Christmas

Saturday was Brynnlee's first Christmas experience ever. I was really worried about how she would handle all the business of it all, especially since our preview day on Sunday at Grandma and Grandpa Great's house didn't go so well. Luckily she was a trooper and did wonderfully for the most part. She already is as crazy as her mom, not wanting to go to bed on time Christmas Eve (she stayed up until 11:30), and then getting up at 3:00 in the morning ready to go. We made her go back to sleep and wait. I didn't know a 3 month old would already get so excited over Christmas. We had a great day though, with one little spoiled girl from both sets of grandparents and Mom and Dad. She couldn't quite open her gifts by herself but she loved playing with them after. Thanks everyone!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Pics

Last week Megan took some super cute Christmas and summer pictures of Brynnlee. I loved them so much that I just had to post some of them here. I had a super hard time picking which ones to post because they are all so cute. I was showing them to Jeff and we couldn't believe how big our little girl is getting. We were picking out pictures to put up around the house and looking at how much she has grown since we first took her home from the hospital. She is such a beautiful girl and we are so grateful to have her in our home. Megan has taken some super cute pictures of Brynnlee. We are also thankful to have such a talented photographer in our family to spoil us with cute pictures of our girl.

Friday, November 26, 2010


This year I am so thankful for wonderful families that have helped Jeff and I with Brynnlee, and are willing to sacrifice their time to take care of her for us. I am also very thankful for the two most important people in my life: my wonderful husband Jeff and our beautiful girl Brynnlee. I am also thankful for all that Jeff did so that I could take 3 months off to be with my girl. I love you all. Thank you.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Beautiful Blessing

Brynnlee was blessed last Sunday. It was a beautiful day. Her daddy did a wonderful job on her blessing and she looked beautiful. I was worried she would cry during the blessing since it was Daylight Savings so her blessing fell right during the time she normally eats, but she did just wonderful. It was a great day and I was so glad to have everyone over after for lunch. I am so grateful to have a wonderful family that was all there to celebrate this great day.

Grandma and Grandpa Stephens with Brynnlee!
Our happy family.
4 Generations of Family
Aunt Britty with her favorite niece
Our beautiful angel happy as can be.

I love my little angel. She is such a blessing to our family.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hanging out, Hats, Halloween, and Heads Up

Jeff and I have been taking some random pictures of our adorable Brynnlee. It seems like we just can't get enough of her. She has been such a wonderful addition to our family. The last two months have flown by and she is growing up so fast. Here are some fun things we have done lately with her.

Brynnlee hanging out at the Stephens' house. She loves to kick and punch on her back. She is awake most of the day just smiling and playing around. Luckily she sleeps through most of the night, so I will take her being awake during the day.

Brynnlee loves her doggy friend Ben. He is amazed by her and she just loves to stare at him. We don't have a dog at home, and Ben has never seen a baby before so they are both just in awe of each other.

Our adorable neice and Brynnlee's cousin Madi made this cute hat for Brynnlee. She is such a sweetie. We love her and miss her and her sisters so much. We can't wait to see them again. Thanks Madi. Brynnlee loves the hat, and I think she looks so cute in it.

Brynnlee has been working on Tummy Time lately. For the longest time we would put her on her stomach and she would just lay with her head on the blanket. Well the other day we put her there and she decided to surprise us with this. She stayed up like this for about 3 minutes before we even thought to get the camera and snap tons of pictures of her. We are amazed at what she will surprise us and do.

For Halloween we dressed Brynnlee up as a pumpkin. Luckily Jeff had a Halloween party at his work and we were able to get these pictures of her because on Halloween day Brynnlee had a melt down and we weren't able to dress her up again. I guess 2 months old may be too young to appreciate Halloween. I guess we will try again next year. At least we got these cute pictures of her.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Brynnlee has turned into Houdini at night. Jeff and I always swaddle her pretty tight for the night since our house gets a little cold. She has always been able to kick out of my swaddling but Jeff gets her really tight. Tonight though, she finally accomplished the task of breaking free from her dad's best attempts at swaddling, not even once but multiple times. Here is what she looks like when we put her to bed.

And her is what we have been waking up to.
I guess I should have known though. In the womb she was always kicking as soon as I wore something tight around my waist. Brynnlee was also very busy in the night because not only did she manage to break free from her blanket but she also broke free from her hand covers. We put her to bed looking like this:
And we woke up to this:
What an efficient little pill she has become. Good thing she is so cute.
I also wanted to show my latest purchase at Walmart. It's much too big for her now, but will be perfect for next year's football season.

Monday, October 11, 2010

1 month old!!!

I can't believe that Brynnlee is already a month old. It really does seem like we were just in the hospital getting ready to have her and here she is already growing up so fast. We have had so many fun experiences already with her including smiles, laughs, crying (for good and sad reasons-mostly good from Jeff and I), peeing on family, cuddling with mommy, throwing up on mommy, blowouts in outfits, staring at the mobile for long periods of time, late night feedings, playing with daddy, no sleep, reading books with mom, walks, spending time with grandparents and aunts and uncles, and most recently peeing and pooping all over mom and dad's bed at 4:00 in the morning!!! See I wouldn't ever change any of the last month for any thing in the world. Brynnlee is the greatest blessing in our lives. We wanted to have some fun pictures of her for her 1 month birthday so on Saturday we found this cute coat that Megan and John let us borrow and dressed her up in it. She fell asleep right away (if we only knew that before all those late night cryings). We then took way too many pictures of her in it because she is just way too cute. She is still a little small for it, but it will fit great all winter long. I can't wait to put her in it again, my little Brynnlee bear!!!!

Grandpa's 89th Birthday

Last week was Jeff's Grandpa Bonner's 89th birthday. We went over and had a great time eating cake and ice cream and seeing Jeff's family. Here are some pictures of the Great-grandkids with Grandpa.