Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Fun

We have sure been preoccupied lately. Ican't believe it has been over 6 months since I have made an update, but I finally had time today and a lot to share. Brynnlee is growing up so fast and is learning and experiencing new things every day. She loves to play around the house and hide in the closets. She is so funny that way. She will hide in them and then come out saying boo. I think she learned that from her dad. Jeff took her to her last doctors appointment and she is still in the 90% for height and 7th for weight. I think she will always be that way-tall and skinny. The doctor also asked Jeff at the time how many words she says. He told her around 20 and I said that he was far underestimating it. Because of that I started counting and got to about 50. Since then she has picked up a lot more words and has started phrases as well. Her new favorite word was "owme". I couldn't figure out what it meant for the longest time. She would run around the house saying it. I thought at first it was "owie" or "yummy", but neither of these seemed to fit. Jeff suggested that it was "help me" and he was right. She thinks it is so funny to run around and yell "help me, help me" all day long. She also loves to point out pictures of her mama and dada. I think her "dada" is her favorite person, but since the summer she has been quite the mama's girl. This summer we have had so much fun. We have gone to the zoo, swimming, the Treehouse Museum, played with dad, visited lots of family, and played with our new outside toys. She absolutely loved the zoo and all the animals (especially the monkeys). She runs around pointing at them all and yelling "look!" She also has so much fun swimming. She loves getting splashed, going down the slides, blowing bubbles, kicking, and everything else at the pool. Her little body is so skinny that she shivers the whole time, but every time we leave she still cries because she doesn't want to leave. She is so funny. Here are some pictures of our family from the last few months that we have missed.

 Having fun with Christmas Presents

 Reading her fun new Christmas Books

 Getting ready to play in the snow

Reading Mama's books is so much fun

 Being silly

 I love my Dada!

 Having fun at both family's Easter Hunts

 Reading to my doll (showing off her new I don't smile for the camera look)

 I love playing in the pool. Even if I'm freezing.

 Aunt Bitty's wedding

Playing with her new summer toy!