Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Birthday and an Air Show

This last weekend was my birthday. I can't believe that another one has come and gone and now for a month and a half I will be 2 years older than my husband. I never think of it that way but he sure makes fun of me about it. Well it was a wonderful day. Jeff is such a sweetie and like always can go shopping for me without me even giving him any hints of what I want, and gets me everything I could hope for. Later in the day my family came over and we went out to dinner at The Spagetti Factory and then back to our house for some presents, brownies, and fireworks!!! Here are some pictures from that day.

Me and my brownie cake. Thanks mom and Britt, I love it!!

Brittany gave me some fun books for Brynnlee or my class.
Mom and Britt riding Jeff's new go-cart.

Dad, Mom, and I watching some fireworks!!!

Well my birthday wasn't the only fun we had this weekend. Jeff and I got up early Sunday morning and drove up to Idaho Falls to see the Blue Angels flying. We did this for Jeff's birthday last year in Reno and now for my birthday this year. It must be a new tradition of ours. They don't come around close enough to go see too often so we have to jump at the chance to see them when they do come. Here are some pictures from that day. We were so glad to have bought a new camera because the pictures turned out awesome!!!
There were other planes flying as well. This was amazed me because there was a lady strapped up to the top of this plane while it was flying in circles and all sorts of other tricks.
Here is another cool stunt plane that flew.
All the Blue Angels lined up to go.
All six of them in the air. It is amazing how close they get to one another.
Here are four of them all on their sides.

This is one of my favorites. Two of the planes flew past us. One was upside down and the other right side up. They are so close you can't believe that they wouldn't crash.

This is my favorite picture we have. They announcer said that when the planes do this trick they are only 18 inches apart from one another. Crazy how close they get.
We had a great day. I can't wait to see them again.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy 3 Years

Happy Anniversary. We made it 3 years!!! I love you Jeff. Here is to many many more!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


This summer has been really fun for Jeff and I. We have had the opportunity to go on vacation with both our families. At the first of June we went to Yellowstone with my family, and then later in the month we went to Pineview with Jeff's. Our Yellowstone trip was so much fun. Both Jeff and I grew up with families who traveled to Yellowstone quite a lot, but haven't gone recently. It has actually been quite a few years since either one of us has gone so we were both really excited. We originally were going to camp out during the week, but after figuring out that I would be about 6 months pregnant when we were going we decided to stay in a cabin with my family. We were so grateful for that decision mostly because it rained the whole time we were there. It didn't ruin our vacation at all though because we were able to see so many animals out. We also saw all the things we wanted still. It was such a fun vacation and I can't wait to visit again. Thanks mom, dad, and Britt for taking us, and putting up with my side pains. Here are a few pictures from our trip.
Here is one of the thousand Bison we saw during the trip. This one was walking right by our car.

Another animal that was super close to our car. We saw thousands of elk as well.

Britt and I at one of the many beautiful waterfalls. The water level was so high this year that a whole bunch of new waterfalls were falling everywhere.

Jeff, Mom and I at Mammoth hot springs.
The Grand Tetons at night. We spent many nights sitting at this bay looking at the mountains. They were so beautiful.
Yep that's a bear. It actually ran over this hill and then came back down the other side and ran right in front of our car. It was the closest we have ever seen a bear. It was huge!! We saw 2 more bears on our trip, along with a bunch of coyotes, moose, deer, eagles, bison, elk, etc. The only thing we didn't see was a wolf.

The family at another waterfall.
Mom and I at a hot pot.Our one sunny day during the trip. It was still freezing though. Here we are looking at the lower falls. This is my dad's favorite spot.

We had such a fun time. Even through all the rain, it was such a beautiful place. I can't wait for Brynnlee to get old enough to go with us.