Friday, August 3, 2012

Brynnlee update and bathroom change finally

This post is more for me to keep as a record than for anyone interested but if you would still like to read about our family read on. Brynnlee is almost 2 and is learning so many new fun things everyday. I am so impressed with the new things she does. She has always loved looking at books but now loves to be read to. She pulls out books every day and will sit and listen for probably close to an hour. I made a bunch of file folder games for her a few months ago and she has also really started getting into working on those. Before she could maybe complete one, and even that needed lots of assistance. Now she blows through so many of them and never loses interest. I love it.
The other day we were driving home from the store and about a block away from our house she yelled out "at home". I couldn't believe that she knew that we were pulling up to our home. She loves getting close to home and saying "at home" or "at house". She makes me laugh so much.
She also loves dogs and looks for her neighbor dogs all the time. She has been funny lately though by calling them "Dobbies" instead of dogs, and even sometimes "pubbies". She knows how to say the "g" sound so I don't know why she calls them "dobbies" but I love it anyway. She is so good at hearing them too and whenever a dog barks she yells "stop" or "no" to them. It stems from when my parents' dog was still alive and the neighbor dog would bark at him. The best is that whenever we are driving to my parents' home when we get close Brynnlee will start saying "Ani" which is the neighbor dog that she loves to see.
The best new thing we have seen from Brynn is that she is now fascinated with letters. She sees letters all the time now and can point out correctly many of them. She started with the welcome sign on our stairs and so quickly learned the letters "O" and "M". She then took off from that and now has favorite letters "Y" and "F" and can correctly identify "B, C, D, F, G, I, M, O, P, R, S, V, Y, and Z". We bought her a letter puzzle and that is now her favorite toy. I am so excited to see what she learns next.

  I also wanted to post about our bathroom. When we moved into our house 4 years ago, the last owners had painted many of the rooms really crazy colors. We quickly painted our bathroom and bedroom a nicer light beige color, but then life got busy and we never got around to painting the other rooms. Well the one that we both hated the most was our hall bathroom. It was a deep red with trout wallpaper along the top. We never got around to it, but I hated it every time I walked in. Well Jeff finally approached me about it about a month ago, and we decided it was a perfect time to repaint. We ran to the store, bought paint, and got it done. It was a pain of a task because I had to first take down all the trout (which wasn't easy), then paint multiple layers to cover the red, and all this in a small bathroom with no windows and a crazy daughter that wanted to help way too much. We finally got it done though, and even though every time we turn on the light we feel blinded because we were used to such a dark room, we love the new color and way our room now looks. I think next I want to add some cute pictures of Brynn along the wall to add some personality to the room.
Bathroom Before Picture

 Ugly Trout Wallpaper
 First Task Done - No More Fish
 Jeff Painting the first Coat
The new bathroom with no fish and no red!!! 

We love the yellow!!!