Monday, June 29, 2009

Off to Washington We Go

It is finally here. On Wednesday Jeff and I leave for Washington D.C. to visit Jeff's sister and her family and to see all that Washington has to offer. I have never been back there and Jeff hasn't been since he was a little boy so we are really excited. It took us two years to save enough money for this trip and now we are only a day and a half away. It still doesn't seem real though since we bought our tickets about 5 months ago and didn't really plan what we were wanting to do until just a week or so ago. I couldn't ever get Jeff to sit down and plan anything out before then. But now we have a pretty good idea of what we are going to do and what we are going to see and I can now get excited about it. I can't wait to leave. We are also going up to New York for our anniversary and I convinced Jeff to take me to Wicked (my new favorite Musical). I love my husband. He is so sweet and wonderful for taking me on this trip. I am also excited to see my beautiful nieces. Jeff's sister has four of the cutest girls in the world and we can't wait to play with them. This is definitely our trip of a lifetime.

Monday, June 8, 2009

End of School and Airshow

YEA!!!! School is over for another year. I actually have some mixed emotions this year because I had a wonderful group of kids. Two years ago I really struggled with my students, and actually thought to myself a few times that maybe I shouldn't be a teacher anymore, but this year redeemed all that. My students were great! They listened and worked really hard, and after I saw their End of Level Scores I felt like I really am where I need to be. It was pretty rewarding, and so to know that this year is over and I get to start all over again was pretty sad. I guess though it is a new adventure each year and I should be excited for that. Well after having a pretty stressful last month of school, Jeff and I were able to go have some fun this weekend. We started out Friday going to a car show in Ogden. Jeff loved it, and I thought that nothing would top that experience for him. I was wrong. Saturday afternoon we headed up to the Airshow at Hill Air Force Base. Jeff left that night after watching the Thunderbirds saying that there is nothing in the world he has ever seen that was cooler than seeing those planes. I probably have to agree. They were really neat. Jeff has even started looking up their schedule to see if they will do another show anywhere close to Utah. We found a show at Reno over Jeff's birthday so we may be planning a fun vacation to Reno in a few months!!!