Sunday, October 26, 2008

Leaves, Pumpkins, and 7 things

I never should have said a few weeks ago that Jeff and I don't ever do anything other than work and school. Lately we have been having some very busy weeks, full of fun adventures. Last week Jeff and I finally took our annual trip up the canyon to see the leaves. We usually try to make it all the way up to Logan and have dinner, but this year we were side tracked by my moms wonderful cooking at home and so we ate there and only drove up to Huntsville and back. We still got some amazing pictures from the trip so I think it was well worth it. This weekend was just as exciting. We went to the Warren Miller show yesterday and then on the way back we bought some pumpkins and carved them last night. It is always fun to do things that bring you back into your young age. I love spending those moments with Jeff and being able to have annual traditions. Lastly since Megan tagged me here are 7 random facts about me:

1. I absolutely love Watermelon!!!

2. I always have to be wearing a watch. Even though I mostly look at the clock on the wall, I have to have a watch with me.

3. Jeff and I have both worn a stretched out soda pop plastic ring around our wrists since before we were married.

4. I love the smell of hairspray.

5. I used to lay at night and think of how to say things backwards when I couldn't fall asleep, and because of that I can say the ABC's backwards in like 5 seconds.

6. I love spending time with family more than doing anything else.

7. I hate wearing shoes without socks, even in the summer.

Now I am passing this on to Mary, Meredith, Becky, Carrie, Heidi, Samantha, and Steve. Your turn to say 7 random facts about you. (Sorry about this)

Monday, October 13, 2008

What a Crazy Day

I think I jinxed myself when I said Jeff and I don't do anything but work and school. This last week has been full of things. Jeff's sister was up with her family this week and so Jeff and I did so much with them including swimming, a BBQ, and going out to Buca De Beppo's. It was so much fun but our week was so crazy. I think we were both looking forward for some relaxation this weekend, but we didn't get much of that either. Saturday we went up to my mom and dad's house and Mom and I made our yummy soup that we make every year around this time. It is so good!!! Then yesterday was a super crazy day. We went to church like normal but at the end of the meeting the Stake presidency got up and told everyone to meet at the Stake Center at 4:30 because there were some realignments of our wards. We didn't think much of it other than our Bishopric got released so Jeff and I decided to go to the meeting. Well we got to the meeting and found out that our ward was being dissolved and that we all were released from our callings. They then broke our ward up and put them in other wards. So in one night we lost our ward, got released and put into another ward all without prior knowledge. Crazy huh. I am sad that we won't be with some of the friends we just barely met, but I guess we always deal with change so it will just be like we were moving to a new ward. Fun for us!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What a Weekend!!!

Jeff and I finally have something to talk about. Most of the time we just work and work and do nothing exciting, but we had a great weekend. It started on Friday. We were going to go up the canyon to see the leaves, but it was a pretty rainy day and so we went to Walmart instead and bought the movie Ironman. We then went home and spent a relaxing night watching the movie. Saturday was when the real excitement began. Jeff and I watched conference (I can't believe how good the talks were!!!) and then packed up and headed for Park City. Carrie and Jon invited us to stay overnight at their brother's condo. We arrived around 5:15 and shipped off the boys to go to Priesthood session and the girls went shopping. I bought some nice pants, soap, and I bought Brittany the most fun toy: a dinosaur crust cutter. After the boys were finished we went to a really yummy Mexican place called something like El Cantina. Anyway it was great!! Then we did the highlight of my night, we went to The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and I got my first ever caramel apple. Oh it was so good. It had white chocolate and cinnamon and sugar on it. Now I am craving caramel apples all the time. Well after the whole apple experience we went back to the condo and played games until way late at night, went to bed, woke up the next morning and watched another wonderful session of conference. Jeff and I then headed home for another fun night because we got to see our beautiful nieces and Jeff's sister Meredith and brother in law Rob. We had a fun night spending time with the family and finally got home just in time to go to bed and get up the next morning for work again. We had a great weekend but it went by way too fast.