Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dinner and Some Chocolates

Jeff is the best husband ever I have decided. He always remembers the sweet things in life and makes sure I feel extra special. He may sometimes try to trick me into thinking he isn't going to do something romantic or sweet, or that he couldn't get what I wanted, but in the end he always comes out with the sweetest things. For Valentine's this year I was feeling pretty sick. I started with a cough on Friday and it just got worse from there. I ended up actually spending the whole weekend in bed. That didn't stop Jeff from being super sweet though. On Friday he surprised me with my absolute favorite treat Chocolate strawberries. He said that the store was sold out but he brought me some anyway. Then on Saturday he took me out to a nice lunch at Texas Roadhouse. It was so good. He then took me home and just held me and rubbed my back as I laid down sick all night. I really owe him big for taking such good care of me. He is really full of love. He must have learned it from all his sisters!!! Thanks hun! I love you.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Our fun little life

So I wanted to post some pictures of what Jeff and I seem to spend our free time on. Jeff of course is going to school to be an engineer and loves building things. Because of this he has been obsessed with the whole K'nex roller coasters ever since Christmas. Since Valentines was coming soon I let him buy another one for our living room. Here is what our living room now looks like. I am pretty sure it would be much worse, but I think the only thing that is holding him back is that we are running out of room in our living room to hold that many coasters.

On the other hand here is what seems to be my new obsession. I have had a student teacher in my classroom for the last 6 weeks and that gives me quite a bit of extra time to get things ready for future weeks in my teaching. Therefore I have been planning center activities for my kids. That means I have spent most of my time in the faculty room laminating different activities. That also means that I have spent most of my free time at night cutting lamination. Oh what a fun family we are: Jeff playing with roller coasters, and me on the couch cutting. Marriage is so fun!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Fun and exciting weekend

Jeff and I had quite the weekend full of fun. It started kind of before the weekend began but who's counting. Thursday night we went to a Josh Turner concert. Jeff is super lucky and always seems to be able to win tickets to places off the radio. He called in a few weeks ago even though he had no idea what he would win and won these tickets. He didn't even know who Josh Turner was. Well I was super excited because I love his music. It was really fun. It was at a bar and there were a lot of drunk people all crowded around us, but we still had such a great time. I included some pictures from the concert. Then this weekend Jeff and I were lucky enough to be able to attend the baptism of one of my students. I love the experience of seeing such a sweet innocent little girl take such an important step in her life. She was so cute and I was very happy we were able to attend. The gospel is so true and I can see it in everyone of my sweet little students. I love them all.