Monday, October 12, 2009

My two husbands

Jeff and I had a busy Saturday this last weekend. It all started with Jeff finally getting a hair cut (it has been almost six months). This is what brought up the title of my blog. Every time Jeff gets a hair cut I swear I have married a whole new man. He looks so different. I really like his hair both ways but sometimes when he lets it grow too long it starts looking kind of shaggy. Well you see for yourself and tell me I didn't marry two men.
Long Hair Jeff
Short Hair Jeff

Well this wasn't all we did of course. Jeff ended up replacing brake pads for two different cars Saturday and then we headed up the canyon to see the leaves and go out to dinner in Logan. We were so excited to go eat at the Bluebird because Jeff got ribs last time we were there and they were to die for. We got up to Logan this time and they didn't have ribs. He had to settle for a steak which wasn't very good. My dinner wasn't too hot either. Hopefully this is just a one time bad deal at the restaurant, because I don't know if Jeff and I will want to go again if that is the quality of food they always have. Good thing we had one last thing to do that night, see the temple. I spent a year up there in Logan for school and my favorite thing by far was to look at the temple at night. Jeff and I have made that a tradition each year and I still love it. It is just so beautiful.