Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The joys of owning a home

This weekend Jeff and I had an interesting experience with our home. We have been trying to figure out what is going on with our leak in our ceiling and have decided it has to be coming from outside. Jeff on Saturday went and looked, and thinks that it must be a spot that is puddling on our roof, and so he spent a few hours out in the rain putting some flashing in that area that will hopefully make the water slide off the area and down to the rain gutters. Well we were so excited because when he did that the dripping stopped in our living room, but it is still flooding our bathroom. I guess this leak will never end. We also fixed a leak in a valve for our water heater, but in order to do that Jeff turned off the pilot light. Big Mistake!!! We couldn't get it lit again. So after trying for two days straight we finally gave in and called a plumber to come out and do that. Well it took him about 3 tries and the plumber got the pilot light on. I thought maybe he would be nice about it since it took him about 2 minutes and no tools, but of course I am not that lucky and he charged us $88 to do that. Bummer!!! Oh well, I am still grateful to have a beautiful house that Jeff and I live in. I have been told that we are at least lucky enough to not have had our sewer back up. I will just stay grateful for that!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our amusement park and a hole in the ceiling

So our house seems to be turning into an amusement park. For Christmas Jeff helped his mother out by purchasing a K'nex amusement park ride for his brother. I knew when he was staring at it drooling that he probably wanted one for himself as well, so we bought a small Ferris wheel for Jeff's Christmas gift. I had no idea at that time what a can of worms I was opening. The day after Christmas we spent wandering to every store we could think of to find the other rides in the set. After a few weeks we finally purchased all 4 rides in the set, and Jeff continues to find more on the Internet. So this is now what our living room looks like.

On the other hand I guess it is better than what is going on in our ceiling. We found a leak and Jeff made a hole to see if he could figure out where the leak was coming from. It dripped a ton, but then of course when we called a plumber the leak mysteriously stopped, and hasn't dripped since. The plumber couldn't figure out what it was so he just said to wait a while and see if it starts dripping again. Of course it hasn't dripped even once since that happened, so we are stuck just waiting with this hole in our living room ceiling and a big garbage can underneath it. Oh what is my house turning into!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Our wonderful home

I was so excited to post this blog because Jeff and I have been working really hard on finishing our living room so that it doesn't look so bare when people walk into our house. We have done a lot to it since we have moved in like getting couches, making drapes, putting up a bookshelf and pictures, but we just had a few finishing touches that were bothering me for a long time. Finally last weekend we were able to get most everything done. Jeff's mom gave us some vinyl letting that we have been waiting for. We got ready to put it on our walls and it turned out to be a much bigger task that it should have been. See we have textured walls so the vinyl wouldn't stick. We ended up having to take off each letter and stick it up there with our fingernails. We did get it done though. After that, we ventured out to Pier 1 to look for something to put up on our vaulted ceilings. We got a gift card from a friend at our wedding and we never used it. Jeff and I just are creative like that. Well we went and a nice lady helped us find something and we were able to get that done as well. So now we have a few more things to add to our living room. It is looking quite nice and I am really excited to have it done. Unfortunately now we have a new room to work on. Yesterday afternoon Jeff came home and found a leak in our family room ceiling. So now there is a huge hole in the ceiling and water leaking out. I guess the work on a home never ends!