Friday, June 24, 2011

Brynnlee's summer activities

Brynnlee is now 9 months old and doing so many things. She quickly started sitting up, crawling, and then pulling up against everything and even trying to stand on her own. She finally got her first tooth about 4 days ago. She never even complained about it. She didn't have anything for so long and then one night she slept really well and when she woke up a little tooth and started to break through. She loves to lick it, but hasn't let it bother her. Now that I am off for the summer we have tried to do some fun things with Brynnlee. We bought a little baby pool and she absolutely loves it! We have also gone swimming at a real pool and most recently to the Zoo. I am loving the different and new experiences we are having with her each day. She is such a doll!!!

Our first swimming pool experience

Playing around at home

We loved the giraffes! We love grandma more!!

Playing around at the zoo with Aunt Bitty!

I'm a little gorilla! (She really is, or at least tries to sound like one)

Jeff's Graduation

Last month Jeff finally hit a milestone in his life, he graduated from college. He has been going since I met him. It has taken many years and way too much of our money, but he is finally done. It was a wonderful day with great speakers and lots of support from his family. I am so proud of him and all his hard work. I have seen some of the books he read this last few years and I know I couldn't do it. Brynnlee is also pretty happy about daddy's graduation because now he can be home to play with her before she goes to bed. Yea! Daddy!