Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Random pictures from the last 3 months

I haven't posted for a really long time so I thought I better post some pictures that we have taken lately.

Brynnlee loves her food. Sometimes a little too much.

It looks like she is doing a good job with the sippy cup, she is very good at tricking you. She really is just good at biting the end.

She loves this book. It's so cute. She will sit on her tummy and turn the pages all by herself. It plays music and she just loves it.

When Brynnlee was 5 months old I entered her in a Baby Beauty contest. It was crazy. Have you seen Toddlers and Tiaras, well that was exactly how it was. It was really crazy. Brynnlee did win the most photogenic though, which was pretty neat. Her picture was in the program and everything.

Brynnlee just chillin' with her daddy.

I am not very creative, but had to make an attempt this last month for my friend Bre. We had a baby shower for her at work and it was my job to make a diaper cake. This is what I was able to do all on my own. I was pretty happy with it. It's not the best ever, but Bre seemed to like it.

Picture above just the cake. Picture below has the cake along with presents attached.

I also made this diaper wipe bag for her. Actually my mom sewed the bag. I was in charge of making the flower that attached to it. Thanks mom.

Finally Jeff has been working for a whole year on a team project for school. They have entered a Mini Baja competition and had to build this go-cart looking machine. I think it looks pretty cool. They are really excited about the competition which is at the end of this month in Kansas. Go Utes!!!! Another thing I love about this project is that it is almost all ready to go which means Jeff is at the end of his senior year of school!!! He graduates on Friday. I don't even know how it is going to be to have a husband that comes home from work at a normal time, who doesn't have homework each night, who isn't paying for school each semester, and who isn't always trying to balance school, work, and a family. Yea!!! Brynnlee and I get our daddy!

Where have we been, Easter, and New Things

So where have we been. I really haven't forgotten about my blogs, I just can't believe how fast time flies when you have a sweet little one to take care of. Jeff and I have been so busy with work and school lately and feel like we only get a few minutes each day to spend with Brynnlee. I really try to cherish those moments. I wanted to post though and write all the fun new things Brynnlee has been learning before I forget all about them. We had a wonderful Easter this year. Brynnlee is finally to the age where she can at least have a little fun with the holidays. We bought her this fun new outfit and she looked so cute in it I had to take a ton of pictures. She was totally spoiled by all her family, and loved it all.

Her little nose smirk. She learned this from her aunt Bitty.

Searching for eggs with Daddy.

Brynnlee with fun uncle Drew Bug.

We loved sitting with Aunt Brittany.

I also wanted to take this time to write down all the things Brynnlee has been accomplishing the last few months so that I have these as a record. At around 6 months she learned DaDa, baba, gaga, nienie (we think that means no-she only says it when she is mad), and pretty much any other sound but mama. She still doesn't say that. She did start doing her dinosaur call though, which everyone loves. It pretty much is just a grunt. She loves to say dada all day long. It must be because she loves her dada soooooooo much. You should see her when she sees him. She gets all excited and kicks her legs. She also started sitting up really well around the 7 month mark. She almost never falls over anymore unless she is trying to get onto her tummy. The newest accomplishment just started on Saturday. She started to CRAWL!!! It is of course very rough and most of the time she gets her arm stuck under her but she is moving forward. I am so excited about all the fun things she learns each day. She is so happy, and loves to explore. She is always looking around and finding new things to get into. It is so fun right now, and every time I play with her I feel so blessed for having such a beautiful fun baby girl.