Sunday, February 27, 2011

Brynnlee's Spring Pictures

My mom and sister convinced me to enter Brynnlee in a Baby Beauty Contest that is being held in March. We needed some new pictures of Brynnlee to send in so Megan was super sweet and took some spring pictures of her. Here are some of my favorites. Megan did an awesome job (like always) and Brynnlee looked so cute, even though she was being pretty moody the whole time we were taking pictures.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Harnesses and Hip Displatia

About a month ago at Brynnlee's 4 month appointment our doctor became concerned about her hips. She has been watching them since Brynnlee was born because she was breech, but never thought we needed to do something about them until now. She told us that we should probably head over to Scriner's Hospital and get them looked at. Last Friday we took Brynnlee over to the hospital and they did an X-ray and decided that Brynnlee has Hip Displatia. Her hips are in the socket but there is a space between the socket and her bone and so she is at a risk of them dislocating. I guess because of the space her hip socket is not growing around the bone. The options she gave us were to first put her in a harness for a month to see if that pushes her bone into the socket better so that the socket can grow around it, and then if that doesn't work to go to some more drastic measures such as surgery or having a body cast for a few months. We were really worried about it all but are willing to try anything to avoid the more drastic measures so our doctor strapped her in. I feel terrible because Brynnlee can't stretch her legs at all in the harness and so every time we take her out of it to change her diaper she pushes her legs as straight as she can, but luckily Brynnlee is a trooper and has adjusted really well. We only have to have her in it for a month and we are already a week down. Yea! We're just praying that this works and her little hips will be fixed!

Here is what it looks like completely strapped on.
It wraps around her shoulders and chest and hooks onto her legs.
Even through it all she still smiles!

Eating Solids!

Brynnlee has just started eating some solid foods. She has done so great with them. We started her about a week ago with some rice cereal and every time I feed it to her she just gobbles it right up. I am waiting for her to be difficult with new things, but we were definitely blessed with an easy child (so far). What a cutie!

Valentine's Cutie

Megan took some really cute Valentine pictures of our little cutie. We have just loved all the pictures she has taken. If you like these and the others of Brynnlee you should head over to her blog She has some wonderful pictures of babies, teens, and families.