Monday, March 16, 2009


It seems like babies are all around us lately. Jeff has had two sisters who have recently just had babies and we have some friends that are trying to have children right now as well. It has been interesting to us because we are not ready to start trying to have children quite yet, but with all the things surrounding us it sure does make us think. I was actually thinking about the parents we will be in the future and if our children will be like us in any ways. I know that Jeff and I have many differences, especially with how we view school and how we viewed school as children. I think though from our recent expenses that our children will be a nutty, fun combination of both of us. For instance I think that whenever I think about my own childhood I think back to school. I loved school and everything that surrounded it. I would go home from school and teach my sister all I learned. I am sure she hated me for it, but she at least put up with me all those years. From that love I have become a school teacher, and now spend far too much money on reading centers and activities to help my students love school as much as I do. Jeff jokes that our kids won't know how to play normal games because they will have too many learning games to play. Jeff on the other hand was the type of child that took things apart and built them back again. I therefore see a whole bunch of little engineers running around our house taking everything apart and probably driving me nuts doing it. At least they will have a dad that can help them put them back together again. I see that in Jeff every time he buys a new K'nex roller coaster and creates new and different ways to use and build them. He is so creative. So when we finally do get around to having kids they will probably have a little bit of a love for school and a little bit of a love to build and that is fine with me!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Dinner and Jazz for $10

Jeff and I had the best date on Saturday night and it only cost us $10. Jeff surprised me this weekend by winning tickets to the Jazz game on Saturday night. He is so lucky. I swear he wins things all the time. He just has some type of gift for winning free tickets. Anyway he won tickets so we headed down to Salt Lake early afternoon. Took a trip down to Lakeshore (my favorite teacher store where I spend way too much money), and then went out to dinner. We had a giftcard from Christmas to Macaroni Grill so all we ended up paying there was our tip. Then we went off to the game. The tickets were pretty good seats and the game was really fun. Then at the end of it all we went home and went to bed. All in all it could have cost us about $150 yet it only cost us $10 total. I love dates like that. Especially when you're married and you have no money.