Saturday, October 29, 2011

Home from New York

While I was in New York with Jeff's mom and sisters, Jeff and his brother Drew decided to scare up our house for Halloween. Jeff has never really gotten into decorating so I even though I knew that he was going to add a few things I had no idea what I was going to see when I got home. They had make tombstones for our yard. Have spooky ghosts that fly, rats that run across the porch and this stuffed mask guy to put in the tree. Well the masked guy can't be in the tree until Halloween so for now it is in our kitchen and has make a new friend out of Brynnlee. She reads to it, gives it hugs, jumps on it's legs, and all around loves it!!! What kind of crazy girl do we have. We even took her to the Halloween shop when I got home and she loves the creepy things in there as well.

We have also discovered that we have a little closet drinker in our family. Brynnlee loves to get into our pantry, grab the sodas off the shelf and will just stand in the closet and pretend to drink them. She has never been allowed to have real soda, but she must have just picked up on what her daddy and mommy do. It's so funny. She does it every time we accidentally leave the pantry door open.

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